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Anonymous 08/07/2020 (Fri) 02:59:21 No. 1406
ITT: Post screencaps of males, TRAs, pick-mes, etc saying/doing dumb shit and generally making fools of themselves. Let's have a laugh. Dumping some content.
(211.59 KB 233x434 moron.png)
Some unfunny broad on tik tok. What's hilarious is that she is 22.
>>1607 what am i looking at here and what is the chance this post was made by a man?
>>1613 If you are talking about me, I'm not a man lol. She's some 2edgy4me retard on tiktok who likes to pander to the humor of literal 13 year old boys whose humor is "dark humor" where they make rape jokes, racism jokes, say misogynistic stuff, and calling everyone "snowflakes." Their favorite catchphrase is calling women dishwashers. For once, some of the girls on tiktok decided utilize their own "dark humor" by saying KAM (kill all men) and of course those same dudes threw a bitchfit over it and "retaliated" with RAW (rape all women). The specific tiktok was a reply to a KAM comment where she is like "teehee, you can't even stop rape." She likes to deflect and say that she is also a SA victim and that these jokes are muh coping mechanism or something. I really do hate the fact I know so much about tiktok autism, but here I am. The fate of a zoomer lmao.
>>1617 oh gotcha. the 'broad' part threw me off. i don't think so many anons are going to be this hip to zoomer tiktok retards without an explanation but i could be wrong. i made the mistake of visiting her profile and i really cannot believe people actually make these videos. you are right that the pandering is especially cringy. not that 22 is old by any means but it has to be so weird to have an audience of 13 year old boys talking about rape or just to have an audience of rude 13 year old boys, period. i'd be majorly uncomfortable to be messaged and praised by asshole little boys, feminism aside.
(51.01 KB 639x803 crest toothpaste.jpg)
>>1591 Hoping for an uncensored version. This shit needs to be sent to his colleagues. That's assuming if he even has a job.
>>1650 Oop
(190.54 KB 1080x894 20200830_201807.jpg)
Yup, women were definitely the ones nonstop harassing the at&t girl about her breasts on Instagram
(55.14 KB 571x767 fyaxk8k5csl51.jpg)
(59.45 KB 768x768 tpcr16448xl51.jpg)
>>1652 This incels fucking tumblr is loaded with >women commit violent sexual crimes that don't get reported! >women are violent too! >but women hurt men! >but muh men! X100 >women are rapists who've raped many people like men He also argues against other social protests but pulls the "I'm for blm but not the current one! I just wish black people were quiet as they are attacked and agitated by white supremacists" He's definitely some all lives matter male who is larping as a trans woman for victim points. Or is just some ugly incel scrote. Or both
(744.31 KB 716x2965 1599686530831.jpg)
According to this lady, my mother is a whore.
>>1726 This sent me into orbit. I really want to know who actually wrote this
>>1726 this is not real and it's old
>>1728 Even if it's not, there are definitely people who think that way. I don't know if you're American, but we live in a world where it's entirely in character for the commander-in-chief to call those who gave their lives for their country as "losers" and "suckers."
>>1730 true, but i think this is... something different. i don't think this is a symptom of american retardation, and i don't think many americans have this mentality. they have really stupid, mostly bootlicking based thoughts all of the time and easily accept increasingly shit behavior and living standards, but this is such a bizarre amalgamation of like 3 different "types" of "unlikable" women. and 30% of this isn't untrue at its core it just seems like a guy read the actual complaints of women about male entitlement and turned them up to 11 and tried to make his caricature of a woman as unlikable as possible.
>>1726 >t. gimpgirl
(168.71 KB 1080x1905 vf4gsp2rrql51.jpg)
>>1753 what is this supposed to mean?
>>1726 The biggest truth in the world has been told
The fucking unabomber.
>>1757 Most of these girls thankfully do appear to grow out of whatever the hell this is, but this is still a concerning symptom of a larger problem. Outside of the obvious "I can fix him" thing, in general people seem to have a problem with seeing reality for what it is. I really hate the way people appear to view other people or situations through a cinematic lens.
>>1757 This has to be a parody. Omg this is giving me flashbacks to the Miku-binder, "I met God and she's black" Hamilton Thomas Jefferson fanart vibes kek
>>1759 I assumed that all of them were parodies.
(562.09 KB 1065x1291 rs3a27gbo3o51.jpg)
>>1769 how is this dumb?
>>1770 #HamComesFromAPig #PeopleDieWhenTheyAreKilled
>>1771 Yeah, no idea why he'd say #hamcomesfromapig but not noteworthy enough to mock, imo. Maybe to reinforce that there's a (smart) animal that you're eating. since people tend to separate the idea of their food from the animal that was killed for their meal? But I think the badly photoshopped image is a little effective at least. Anyways, there aren't nearly enough men that don't eat meat so good on him.
>>1513 WE OWN THEM A GREAT DEBT. We OWN MEN a GREAT DEBT even though it is WOMEN who have been PROHIBITED of having basic human rights for CENTURIES
>>1478 does it mean men with gyno? btw, men with gyno should be sent to the death camps like if u agree
>>1439 This is fucking terrifying more than funny tbh
(221.13 KB 621x623 gyno.jpg)
>>1823 lmao reminds me of this pic i saw on /r9k/ today
>>1823 they''re talking about men with large developed pectoral muscles, which I'm personally not into it but I'm sure certain women are into that build
>>1845 no women like boys with actual titties tho i kinda feel bad they will die alone but, then again, not really
>>1846 you mean like gynocomestia, I mean most of the times its just men with puffy nipples and much more, even then the surgery to remove the breast tissue is not that expensive
>>1847 big titties on men are gross small titties on men are gross even puffy nipples are gross on men i hate to say it, but these guys really freak me out
>>1849 men with big titties are liking talking hormone blockers and massive amounts of estrogen, men with gyno have puffy nipples or small Brest tissue often caused by hormone imbalances I know this cause men in my country do have varying degrees of gyno, for reasons certain races are more likely to get gyno mostly Africans and Asians, so in my shithole country pretty much every male has puffy nippels
>>1850 >pretty much every male has puffy nippels good lord are you going to move out to a country with actual men? i sure hope you don't date any of those guys lol
>>1852 I'm planning to go the UK sometime soon, It's also unfair to say that all men in country have puffy nipples cause about about 10% don't but they probably wouldn't ever want to Date me, I live in South Africa if you're wondering and due to a culture of eating high gluten foods and some unfortunate genetics a lot of men in community have puffy nipples
>>1854 >but they probably wouldn't ever want to Date me aww how come? also shouldn't it be the other way around? you wouldn't want to date a guy with boobs, right?
>>1855 >>1852 >>1849 >>1823 are you a masochistic man with puffy nipples or something? your posts are so bizarre
>>1855 I'm Bantu and the only men without puffy nipples are either the Whites, Coloreds(half black half white) and recent immigrants, all are varying degrees of racist and would never date me
Who fucking cares about men or their nipples. Also dating men is flirting with death itself.
>>1856 >>1859 the other anon was talking about men with puffy nipples i'm here to talk about men with boobs there's a difference, i think >>1859 also. do you mean all men? are there not some good men you've met? i've met one, i think, but that's all
>do you mean all men? >are there not some good men you've met? lmao
>>1863 i met my older brother and he's nice :) you may not have met a truly good man, but i doubt you've met a truly evil one most are in the middle


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