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Pink Pill #2 Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 17:52:54 No. 2054 [Reply] [Last]
Previous thread: >>7 All man hate and general discussion of male bullshit goes here. Let the pink pills flow free.
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>>2308 >Male gommunist state will totes libetare women as agitplakat says, no need to organize and think ourselves, girls Lol to you from russia >fat you are a tankie moid, no?
>>2309 I would rather live in the worst communist shithole then any type of Islamic country, but I do live one and it's hell here, our leaders legitimately believe that 7th century Arabia was the blue print for all of humanity and that a man who raped a 9 year old was the greatest human being who ever lived and was without any faults you think anything can be done or organized here in this mess
>>2310 Well, anything is fucking better that islam, no argument there.
>>2311 anything is better then Islam but what do you think can save us from this mess realistically, for most Muslims nations we need an overhaul by force. our only hope was communism, having a socialist atheist leader who would burn Qurans, ban the Burkah and Niqab and and lessen Islamic influence from society, was the only realistic option that could have happened, Liberal democracy never works in Islamic nations politics becomes a competition whose more "Islamic" then the other, who prays more, who will implant more laws from the Shariah and if you want to call out other politicians you don't attack their policies of actions but rather how "un-Islamic" they are so really nothing can be done, Islamic cancer will always reign supreme
What is it with retarded scrotes and their pseudo psychogy of males being "more rational and logical and thus better than women who are terrible at everything because they're emotional" when arguing over a fucking movie scene? Happened to watch a clip of the mega wave from Interstellar on yt and the scrotes were all reeeing over a male characters death being the fault of the woman when his dumb character was literally just staring at the wave, causing his own death due to stupidity.

A modest proposal Anonymous 01/15/2021 (Fri) 19:31:12 No. 2475 [Reply] [Last]
Let's kill every man who's a pedophile, rapist, murderer, until we've evened out the numbers for the women and girls killed by femicide.

Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 04:07:17 No. 2158 [Reply] [Last]
Are all or most men pedophiles?
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(1.71 MB 1233x1600 pol_cap.png)
This screencap gets spread around on 4chan. >>2159 Nice pic for ants.
>>2256 fucking lost my shit at this. truly a one-of-a-kind place.
Yes they are especially the manosphere types.
I just saw in the news that a 37yo man raped a 91yo man at a hospital, both were admitted there because of covid 19. I then remembered the several cases of men who were caugh literally sticking their dicks into cars' tailpipers. Men rape new borns to the oldest people and also animals. It's not that they are pedophiles only, it's that they literally didn't evolve. They do this with literally anything, any hole at all. They are not humans and not even monkeys, cause not even monkeys do this kind of shit. They are literally the most inferior beings on earth and a burden to the world
(306.98 KB 2340x2024 1528228111480.jpg)
>>2158 men just love to think they can control innocence

(261.99 KB 1200x1200 bwk2ujund2941.jpg)
“The males of our species are among the most violent primates towards their females, the women” Anonymous 12/14/2020 (Mon) 12:25:03 No. 2338 [Reply] [Last]
"Violence against women is primarily a social and cultural issue, it is not genetic. There is no chance linked to the ecosystem or related to whether society is matrilocal or patrilocal." https://bit.ly/3nhUMyV
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(296.46 KB 720x1480 1610370704830.jpg)
(382.95 KB 828x773 1610507016454.jpg)
(268.04 KB 828x528 1610507038138.jpg)
>>2454 >>2451 >>2457 >B-But they consented! Nope, you're a moron and clearly didn't pay attention. Regardless, even if someone "consents" to you brutalizing them in exchange for money, you're still a piece of shit for wanting to do that in the first place, and for using their need for money as leverage.
>>2460 >because his wife was calling I hope hes arrested. At least his career is over now
>>2461 I hope he gets*
>>2460 My bad, I hadn't seen these screenshots. The only ones I had read only had them talking about how much they were attracted to each other

I fucking hate men ihatehijabyouwearit 12/23/2020 (Wed) 18:04:11 No. 2380 [Reply] [Last]
They are the most digsuting and worst species in all existence. They are so hateful and literally lower than animals. They are creatures and I will cherish the day mother natures makes them extinct.
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>>2406 Not him/her but lol shut up
ow the edge
>>2380 >lower than animals u say it like being an animal is degrating for some reason. tbh scrotes are discusting only cuz they want to destroy those who gave them life in the first place. malz of other species are sane enough not to hurt their females so fucking much, but ours are totally insane and depraved, therefore unbearable and more than worthy of hatred.
>>2411 If you are an anti-natalist, life ain't worth a whole lot.
>>2380 >worst species >species >>2406 You're not wrong kek.

Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 01:05:51 No. 2100 [Reply] [Last]
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How would females evolve to reproduce by themselves? Five million years is a lot of time for the body to figure it out but I don't completely understand how it all works. I can see it happening in a lab by manipulating eggs of individual pregnancies or messing with genes to try to get asexual reproduction passed down.
>>2373 Probably wouldn't work for us, I think we're too complex for that but I'm not a scientist. We should just breed/genetically alter men to be physically weaker than women, just like we've been for millenia. I wouldn't want men to go completely extinct, I like being intimate with them. We need a matriarchy where males only exist as eye candy.
>>2373 reptilias are more complex than us - they have more genes, and some of them use parthenogemesis to reproduct themselves + sharks are also able to do so. in mammals this [parthenogemesis] is blocked by mal ingected genes (they enforce this shit on females - read trustyourperceptions) but considering our sciencific progress we surely can overcome this, like we overcame the need for intercourse with moids in order to be pregnant (by sperm banks) - we can already make sperm equivalent from bone marrow, merge mammalian eggs (which produces offspring without male contact google kaguya mouse).
I hate men in a way I've never hated anything before. To have to coexist with this crap is really the worst part of being alive. It's not possible there isn't a solution for the cancer that they are
There's some research that pollution and natural disasters skew the birth sex ratio in favour of girls. Considering where the world is headed, it looks like the XY problem is kind of solving itself.

Personal Expereinces Transwomen Thread- Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 01:13:47 No. 1178 [Reply] [Last]
I thought it'd be cool to have a thread where we just talk about our personal experiences with transwomen/people. How it shaped our views, or even if you have a friend,family member,spouse or ex-spouse story to share. If you need to vent about someone. If you want advice on how to deal with something or a situation. It does not have to be negative or hateful, but a place to vent, maybe give some advice or just share a story. Good, bad, indifferent, I think we need a space for this, especially since on Lolcow I've been seeing a few posts about experiences with trans people or trans allies. (sorry for my shitty english)
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>>2444 But how do you know these people? Do you have mutual friends?
(615.82 KB 1920x1080 1604962645871.jpg)
>>2445 Yes, I know the first mentioned guy, the commie too fucking well lol. I tried to get friendly the mental FTM, but she is afraid of me. I talked to "Alice" online back when he shitposted his vids. Currently FTM "Alex" lives with the commie who tries to sober her up and get her a job. Commie doesn't try to lewd her and "Alex" the FTM is the one who alterates between trying to fuck or beat up commie, keeps drinking and not getting a job as her main way of communication is swearing loudly. Commie lives in a different city, both FTMs are from yet another location and AGP are from a different part of the country alltogether. He also wanted to assasinate and rob the pimp AGP with my help, but I declined as his plans were retarded and he is too sane to attempt this on his own, that was like 3-4 years ago. And all visited the same imageboard. This is what imageboards to too your bain.
>>2446 So it's kind of like those nerdy circles of reddit neckbeards and socially maladapted girls where everyone is poly and genderspecial, but without wokeness or consumerism because no money and not american. I'm a fucking spergy freak too, at least was one, but I'm crawling out of it and my previous social life is horrifying in retrospect.
>>2446 Just... wow. >>2447 >I'm a fucking spergy freak too, at least was one Do you have some stories anon?
>>2448 Tales of degeneracy that are off-topic for this thread. I've left out some colorful types who aren't/weren't genderspecials or AGPs. The fun part is FTMs are both more feminine than me or half the women I know in behavior and with more "feminine" faces and shapes. Like, they are round-y and round-faced, can't even lift a bicycle, scream if they see a spider and read yaoi about sherlock in free time. Meanwhile AGPs are the scrotest scrotes in behavior.

Why are men so perverted? Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 02:33:52 No. 2246 [Reply] [Last]
Why are men so much more perverted than women?
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I wish I knew. Why are they slaves to their libidos? Like, knowing that some worthless fucking moid is mentally undressing you while you try to give a lecture about solving a math problem is a form of psychic torture. I wish I just didn't care. I do not want to live in a world full of males. You cannot be sure of anything when you are around them because each and every one of those dogs would happily tell lies for the sake of getting in bed with you.
(4.65 MB 404x270 8JeB.gif)
>>2246 Y chromosome. Next question
Because they are evil, irrational, primitive and inferior https://www.news24.com/amp/health24/sex/sexual-diversity/Bestiality-is-much-much-more-common-than-you-think-20150218 "The study, which took place in Brazil and was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a 34% prevalence of bestiality amongst men, most of whom were from rural backgrounds"
>>2321 >Brazil Look, my country is a fucking dump and it shouldn't be the basis for research in these topics, you have no idea how uneducated and low intelligence these people usually are.
>>2433 I'm sure theres also a lot of uneducated and ignorant women there too and yet they don't do this sort of thing

(5.52 KB 225x225 1557464621205.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1355x1809 1557466264650.png)
(51.38 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Lets discuss "Radfem" Youtubers Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 03:21:11 No. 541 [Reply] [Last]
I feel we should discus these people, cause like it or not they represent our entire movement to the general public, however many of them have literally no knowledge about radical feminism or even basic feminism sometimes and overall quite "odd" Leah Tverly: She is the most well known youtube radfem as of now, she has no books related to feminism in her shelf, dates/fucks men, bashes other women and her knowledge of radical feminism is limited to buzzwords that she might have read on Gender Critical, video editing is also poor Terri Strange: She has more knowledge then Leah and reads more feminism related books but she's widely inconstant in her behavior regarding women, greatly despises her own mother due to abandonment issues and seems to have a weird as fuck relationship with her father. ella androphobia/Radical Feminist Momma: a woman who was in a abusive marriage and became a "political lesbian", her 3 infant kids are literally in all in her vids and she keeps posting pics of them on facebook, she seems to have discovered radical feminism after her divorce and seems to have even less knowledge then Leah Dworkin's Ghost: About the only Youtube radfem who has actual knowledge about radical feminism, she seems to primarily read Dworkin's and Catharine MacKinnon's works and applies their theories towards the modern world. her video editing is easily the best out of the women mentioned in this thread, but sadly she no audience and her videos often get less then 250 views
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Ella also has a tiktok and on there a link to some onlyfans shit??? Like it was weird. Also im a faggot for thinking shes hot
Ella also has a tiktok and had a link to her onlyfans or whatever last I checked??? Like why promo your pr0nz ?!?!
As much as I’m into separatism, I wish it’s youtube proponents were not such elitist wankers. Sekhmet has such a boner for gayboyz and violent leftist/black men, you bet if she could replace all het women with gaybros she wouldn't think about men's violent nature twice. But hey, dick worship is only bad if straight-white-privileged dick, cuz we radical. Although she did make a vid about a white male conservative fucking politician being oh so rad in denying raped women abortions, in which she just put the words of many smart women into the mouth of a man who never fucking meant it. Same thing about the several fucking videos about how everyone does feminism wrong but fucking Malcolm X was such a great feminist because let's just extrapolate a bunch of shit the man said about his black male liberation movement and ignore the fact he never said anything fucking remotely like that about women. How we ought to have a violent revolution. Oh yes, black men can play war all they want, they have black women to force to pick up the slack, service and fix them up, for revolution, baby. who is supposed to do that for us if we are to go military, when they have all the fucking weapons and handmaidens? Anyone could whine all day that "I don't get my revolution because other women are bad and stupid" and yet offer no solutions. That is a surprising oversight, because in a bunch of other videos where the complains about straight women she does assert the obvious fact that men can't do shit, including women's oppression, without putting women to do all the actual work. You'd think it's obvious we can't copy men's homework as we don't have a subjugated class to force the dirty life-sustaining work onto. But then the former assertion could be made unthinkingly, just as a convenient way to blame other women for shit men do. While she read so much work by male left, Sekhmet seems to neglect works written by radical feminists, possibly because she views all white women as spoiled and unworthy to listen to like modern malestream leftist do, and unfortunately most radfem writes are/were white. In another video she mentions she doesn't know where did the concept of care as unpaid work comes from ("it's just relationships!"), when even libfems talk about women's unpaid labor occasionally and some male leftists wrote about that.
>>2424 Blaming other women for shit men do seems pretty important for Sekhmet, as it upholds bullshit "privilege" rhetoric. You know, the liberal one, that only works if we consider males, preferably within one culture and class, and breaks fucking completely when you try to insert the other half of human population within it. And even then it’s worthless as it breaks if 2 individuals check off an equal amount of points on a liberal checklist. Which she comes close to acknowledging in the latest vid, btw. The one which actually ignores that the most dangerous men are the one closest to you socially, if you are a woman. The one that ignores the ubiquity of male-on-female violence which is never reversed, nor reliably prevented by any whiteness or straightness of the victim or blackness or even gayness (Ezra Miller, anyone?) of the offender. Where an impoverished serbian mother of 3 in oppressive to a metropolitan middle class american gay black man, and a rust belt working mother typically married to a batterer literally oppresses Ellen Degeneres with straightness because magic. Not everything gets to be simple, of course, but if your all-encompassing liberal privelege theory only works in very few, very specific contexts - it just doesn’t work. No need to understand sex and class based oppression when you can just pull shit out of your ass, though, like she did in that video about “straight women’s shows” where she actually talked about shows made mostly by men, especially the fucking Sex in The City on the thumbnail. Just hide the MRA rhetoric of women’s desire of male violence, of women choosing violent males, of women only thinking about landing a dick, and suddenly you are the most fucking feminist of them all. When one constantly speaks about apparently all heterosexual women living on a man’s dime, all het women being these super financially well-off gold diggers, who, when they don’t spend it shopping for slutty clothes, and whining about their providers in cafes, purposefully ruin their children – that shit is fucking typical right-wing MRA rhetoric. On the other hand, when one speaks that all women are 100% free to choose anything, but women just choose evil and self-demeaning choices because bitches be crazy for privilege, that violent, self-destructive tactics that reassert male domination is what we dumb women must revere and emulate fucking somehow, that women oppress men through liberal checklists, that some men (gayz) know more about what is better for women and are better allies for women than most women – that’s leftie MRA rhetoric. Being a man-hater doesn’t preclude anyone from being drawn to MRA rhetoric because menz hate each other too, they just hate us far, far more. Just how the fuck is that shit flying under the radar I don’t understand.
>>2425 I hate this bitch and I don't even know how shes considered to be a radfem. She sounds more like a LGB(T) activist and thats it

(66.11 KB 700x599 sex_trafficking.jpg)
Sex Trafficking Thread Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 05:33:29 No. 2408 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for any discussion about sex trafficking
https://youtu.be/QkAmLflLTQ8 Recent video about Nth room in South Korea exploitating women and children. Haven't seen this case anywhere else until now.
>>2409 Scrotes read these horrific cases of males being demented. And they still had to say after all that that evil "feminiazis" aren't good - saying that this is a "human/egalitarian issue, not a feminist one" because they "teach girls to hate men." I know korean radfems go hard and for good reason.

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