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JK is the only reason this retarded has a career Anonymous 06/12/2020 (Fri) 15:59:48 No. 928 [Reply] [Last]
This ungrateful little brat could have stayed silent, but he chose to stab her in the back just to promote himself instead. Typical of men. This is a lesson to you: DO NOT expect men to do anything for US. We can only count with each other in this shit. We need to do something to stop all this madness cause we are the only ones who oppose the absurd we live in currently
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>>1216 oh yeah, steve king, i forgot about him.
(41.24 KB 1093x772 456r7yfjhv.jpg)
Can someone pink pill me on what happened with jk. I'm out of the loop here, I recall people are extremely upset with her at something. All I know, was that it was related to troons. What exactly did she say? Why are people turning on her?
>>1225 Interesting. Thanks.
>>1068 JKR wasn’t pandering to men, I’m 99% sure. She’s much more calculating than most people think. Being that rich and having the kind of social circle that she has access to means she’s learned how to get what she wants out of people, even though her “Voldemort was gay!!!” phase was obviously stupid and seriously damaged her credibility. IMO, she was praising him for his good behavior in supporting her in order to prompt him to do it more often. Men are driven by their egos so praising him and throwing him a compliment that makes him seem more masculine, brave, and intelligent than other men is like heroin to him/men. The intelligent point in particular is very effective on someone like Stephen that prides themselves on their writing abilities. When you compliment someone on a certain trait, action, or good behavior, it encourages them to do it more often in order to fulfill/maintain your positive image of them. It’s a common manipulation tactic. It’s a form of positive reinforcement. Other men see that Stephen is getting praised and their pick-me side comes out so they can get that same praise.

Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 01:50:07 No. 715 [Reply] [Last]
How can we possibly forgive men after a radfem revolution? Are we gonna have to follow Valerie's plan to eliminate all them?
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>>1257 What goddamn "academic lady" are you talking about? Most GC/Radfem journalists and all out activists these days are all about that heterosexual life. Is this a lifestyle choice issue or a class issue after all? Cause middle and upper class mothers are mothers still, and lower class not-het-partnered, child-free women are still women. The former never and would never do shit for the latter either. Why are these women's sons even an issue in feminist spaces to begin with? Is this about daycare? If that is just about niceties, what other categories of males should we STFU about? Some women have nice dads they hold dear, you know. Before you pull the "little boys are innocent always" shit - do you think little boys never harass, assault sexually abuse girls? Really? And are we supposed to pretend a married woman's level of economic comfort is lesser than a single woman's? Not her personal income, that does decrease in het marriage, but that there is no monetary upside to marriage at all? That begs the question, why the fuck even marry? Because I'm absolutely certain most of them do not even want to present their daughters with an alternative lifestyle to het marriage and having kids, and you would not criticize that situation. Why the fuck is this always about moms, boys and boymoms, and never about girls these days. Because why the fuck would we focus on girls, they will likely grow up descent anyway.
>>1263 This is what I was talking about, wc class women don't ever ask feminist groups to focus on males, however they request that radfems not say their sons will be rapists and radfems act like this is the ultimate act of bowing down to make opeession, like don't say shit that you know will angonize working class women and mother's, that's literally all you have to do Also regarding your other point, it's true that marriage doesn't add much for much middle class women's net income but the situation is far different for women in Low in come housing, having 2 adults with jobs can be the difference between homelessness for them 99% of women disagree with us and unless we even attempt to work with them and not look down on them then that number will stay the same
>>1264 Is this really a fucking straight-up class issue thing to you? Look, I fucking know how inter-generational poverty pigeonholes young women straight into shitty marriages, but this is more of a prisoners dilemma thing. Of course we all want our lifestyles validated unconditionally, though some lifestyles are more untouchable than others. The more traditional, the more untouchable, somehow. Can we even talk about the alternatives to fucking and breeding with some bloke for a warm bed and food? Do you believe that women can cooperate to improve their living situation? Do you understand that cohabitation with a man is ultimately a risk-taking behavior, including for children? Are you aware of how many men of the underclass are addicted to various substances and are into risky behaviors which drain the household funds anyway?
>>1265 all Im saying make your rhetoric more palatable to the 99%, you are not going to get anywhere with these women by saying shit is gonna offend them and don't use the alt-right maletard excuse "if their offended that means right" its not how it works
>>1269 most radfems aren't this level of female separatists and are male-attracted, how often do you actually see radfems attack other women like this? plenty of male-partnered radfems see this rhetoric and use it to practice radical acceptance. i know some radfems think you can't date men and be radfem and that's fine, not all feminism needs to be radical feminism. > don't use the alt-right maletard excuse "if their offended that means right" its not how it works radfems aren't telling the truth to be offensive, they're saying it for women to understand the risks of male relationships, be able to recognize these patterns, get help if they need it, and have radical acceptance towards male violence. yes some are assholes but the truth doesn't change. not all feminists need to be radfems.

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